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Let's Get Physical

Olivia Newton John. You are an inspiration. You titillate, surprise and transform effortlessly before our eyes.

Which brings me to why I'm getting physical. Today I begin a new rehearsal process with the Bare Bait Dance company for a new performance piece. COVID has reminded us of the promise of at home videos and fitness gurus of the 80s/90s. Dancing with each other at a safe distance, making love to the camera and getting a good workout are all good reasons why this is a perfect premise for a dance-theater piece.

Many of us are feeling restless, stressed and with the weather turning, even more trapped in our daily Zoom calls, Netflix selection, teaching our kids and working all the while (trying) to maintain our health and relationships. So let's begin by channeling another bad ass woman. Move over Olivia, for the moment. Make way for JANE.

I confess, I've never seen Barbarella. But I will add it to my list. However, I do know Jane Fonda. Talk about transformation. It seems we have met every aspect of this woman's personality--living every moment for us in the spotlight.

Whether she is getting arrested or bathing in the resurgence of her tried and true workout videos, we will hold an even brighter spotlight on Jane in the next few weeks. Let us break out our curling iron, our thongs and leg warmers. We are going to break a sweat. Join us and tell me how you feel after completing this hour-long butt burner.

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