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the actor procrastinates

Hello. Welcome to my first blog post. If you are reading this, you probably know me. Did you know I am a procrastinator?

pro·cras·ti·na·tor /prəˈkrastəˌnādər/


  1. a person who habitually puts off doing things.

At least I'm in good company.

Famous Procrastinators in History (Thanks Chegg Play):

  1. Mozart

  2. Frank Lloyd Wright

  3. Dalai Lama

  4. Leonardo Da Vinci

  5. Victor Hugo

  6. Bill Clinton

The reason I bring this up, is 1) To give myself a break 2) Try to push myself a bit more? 3) It's a great beginning for this blog and this website in general. Still with me? A bit of context.

My brother Hal is a computer person--and that is an understatement. He is not a machine, but he is quite intelligent. Note to self: remember to ask Dad if he named Hal after Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey in 1968.

My brother Hal.

HAL 9000

My first memory of Hal is when I was a very young kid (he is 15 years my senior) and I would walk into his bedroom where he'd be sitting in front of his Mac. The first Mac, pictured below, coincidentally invented the same year I was born (1983). Note to self: Ask Hal if he still has a functioning Apple II--it sold at a NYC auction for $200,000 in December.

Playing Lode Runner....and Donkey Kong. I LOVED watching him play DK.

I also remember Hal being a night owl, so when he was at home, his door was often closed because he was sleeping. I think he still keeps a similar schedule. And for the record, Hal's favorite movie is Star Wars. In case you were wondering.

Hal is now the owner of Netwisp, a web hosting and email server. Not only does he run his own business, he also has to answer all of our family's computer needs. Naturally, when I was 20-years-old, back in 2003, Hal gifted me a website domain name. "Hey Kelly. Merry Christmas. You now have for your emerging acting career." For reference, this is my headshot from my "emerging acting career." Very serious. Very airbrushed.

Which brings me to today. Launching my website 17 years later. The ultimate procrastinator. Thank you for the gift Hal, and hanging on to it (17 years x $9/year= $153--that's a nice bro!) And to my 20-year-old self: "You're doing just fine. Don't ever let a (male) headshot photographer tell you to wear a bra because if you don't, your boobs will sag. You're almost 40 now, have hardly worn a bra and your 34Bs still look great."

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