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Video making in the time of COVID

Some green screen, PPE, shooting at home and in a large studio with a small group of artists. Together, these elements made it possible to create our next dance short film for Bare Bait Dance's next production: CXQ. Mike, my partner in all aspects of life was DP. I directed. Working with the company since October (see earlier post), we took choreography created for the stage and adapted it to video.

As we sit down to edit, I see now this is exactly how the piece was suppose to turn out. Creating the nostalgic look of TV commercials and workout videos of 1983--the year I was born--could only be realized through video and editing techniques that were once upon a time, cutting edge. Mike and I will transport ourselves into video producers of that era. There will be neon, cheesy graphics and superimposed images. Stay tuned for the transformation.


Bare Bait Dance company: Katie Conrad, Tara MacFarland, Maeve Fahey, Tikki Preston, Mac Black

Thank you to the Roxy Theater, UM School of Media Arts, Michael Murphy, Torg, The Dennison Theater, Joy French, Viv and Ella Steinberg.

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